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  For Acquirers and Processors  

Oct 2019

Growing Card Acceptance Profitability In Low-Penetration Markets...

Overcoming consumers’ and retailers’ love of cash has proved to be a very slow and difficult battle for the acquiring industry in many markets.  However, there are many possible approaches for boosting electronic payment acceptance growth in these places, including the use of innovative marketing, products and pricing strategies. This article introduces the ‘TEN ENABLERS FOR ACCEPTANCE GROWTH’ model, which helps to identify which actions and investments will have the greatest impact, based on the characteristics of the acquirer and the market. 

  For Governments and Issuers  

Tech-Enabled Financial Inclusion:  

Making It Happen & Making It Better 

In recent years, Kenya's M-Pesa model has been a powerful example of the power of mobile in enabling financial inclusion. However, the model does not work everywhere and many markets are looking towards recent changes in the trajectory of smartphone technology, which provide the possibility of large-scale, secure, financial services participation.  The same technology also presents an opportunity to maximise the societal and economic benefits of financial inclusion beyond simple participation.  

Q1 2020

  For Issuers and Acquirers  

Disruption Of The Credit Card Industry: When & How?

Despite being attacked from every direction, the basic structure of the credit card industry model will likely prove resilient for some time to come.  Changes will happen:  FinTech will bring new brands, technologies and business models, particularly on the back of wide-spread ‘tokenisation’ and an increased blurring of the payment and non-payment consumer experience. Issuers and acquirers will benefit from starting to prepare in the short-term, to be ready for these threats in the long-term.

Q1 2020

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